Getting Started

Getting Started in the case of a Personal Speech, Song Parody, Toast or Roast:
Begin by jotting down facts, memories, anecdotes and stories; silly things, warm and inspiring things, and especially funny and quirky things, absolutely everything you can think of about the person/people we will be writing about. If you have trouble coming up with the nuts and bolts, we can meet in person or speak by phone and I’ll “pry” the information from you.
Just don’t hold back!! Be assured that nothing will be said or sung without your prior approval, and the tone of the writing will always be in the style of your choosing.
CLICK HERE for a questionnaire that provides a guide to the type of information I am looking for. The more we have to select from the better, so remember nothing is too trivial or too remote I want to really get to know YOU, YOUR sensibilities and YOUR manner of speaking, so that the final product feels completely like YOU wrote it.